This page is an index of OpenGroupware related projects.

  • OpenGroupware Legacy - The original OpenGroupware implementation which, derived from the Skyrix Groupware Server, was announced in the summer of 2003.
  • OpenGroupware Coils - A reimplementation of the OpenGroupware server in Python. Coils maintains much of the architecture of OpenGroupware Legacy but has adopted a component services architecture around an AMQP messaging service. Coils also adds moderm features such as Workflow and Social Networking integration.
  • zOGI - zOGI, the ZideStore OpenGroupware Interface, was the project which created the new and improved XML-RPC API for OpenGroupware. The zOGI implementation has been included in OpenGroupware Legacy's ZideStore service for some time; but the site remains the official documentation for the zOGI API.
  • OGoJ - OGo/J is an implementation of the OpenGroupware server in Java 5 and up. The OGo/J libraries can be used to build OGo applications in Java but still share the existing infrastructure of OGo. snurtle - A command-line interface for management and administration of OpenGroupware Coils. snurtle makes use of the zOGI API via JSON-RPC.
  • ZideOne - ZideOne was a commercial venture to create a Microsoft Outlook plugin with used Open standards such as WebDAV, CalDAV, and CardDAV. While is showed very positive initial results the effort has since submarined and should be considered abandoned.