Python XML-RPC Calls Via "requests"

requests is the latest and greatest Python module for performing HTTP requests. This new module cleans up a great deal of the mechanics required for network requests as well as streamling the often combersome syntax used by urlib2 and the httplib modules. Requests can easily be used for making XML-RPC requests, to the zOGI API for example. Using requests avoids the need for transport objects in order to work with proxy servers and more advanced authentication methods.

Using nginx with OpenGroupware Coils

OpenGrouwpare Coils running as an unprivileged user doesn't have the ability to open privileged ports (ports below 1024, such as 25 [smtp], 80 [http], and 443 [https]). At this time the OpenGroupware Coils HTTP component also does not support TLS/SSL. The result of this is that OpenGroupware is almost always run behind some kind of the HTTP reverse proxy which will handle those more mechanical parts of the HTTP protocol. And today's premier reverse proxy is nginx.

Using SSH/SCP From OIE

The OpenGroupware Integration Engine supplies three actions for utilizing the SSH protocol:

SQL Operation Filtering

Performing export-transform-load type workflows starting with XLS, delimited, of fixed-record length files using OpenGroupware Coil's Integration Engine is simple; just define the format using a Format Definition and perform a read action. After that the resulting StandardXML can be channeled into your RDBMS using sqlInsertAction, sqlUpsertAction, etc... Such straight forward ETLs are almost trivial.


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