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Coils 0.1.49rc89 Uploaded

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.49rc89 has been uploaded to Sourceforge and PyPI


alter table process add parent_id INT;

The attribute parent_id must be added to the process table of the PostgreSQL database.

Significant Changes

  • OIE xpathMergeAction enhance to support insert-at and insert-into functionality (FEATURE)
  • Code-page related exception messages from reading records via SimpleDelimitedFieldFormat contain field and row identity (FEATURE)
  • Watcher component now processes audit messages in units prevent event storms (PERFORMANCE)
  • Thumbnail component now retrieved thumbsnails from OASIS (LibreOffice) documents which contain thumbnails. (FEATURE)
  • "logs" relation defined on ORM entity Process
  • WebDAV presentation correctly lables input/output messages in ProcessFolder (BUGFIX)
  • EnableEscapedEndQuote hack implemented in SimpleDelimitedFieldFormat (FEATURE)
  • Workflow processes now record run control related information into the entity audit log (FEATURE)
  • Overhaul of process run control in relation to singleton routes (PERFORMANCE)
  • Improved exception handing in DIF format read.
  • "coils.blob.event" service reliable closes idle database connections (PERFORMANCE)
  • A route entity may be deleted when its BPML cannot be found (BUGFIX)
  • The workflow manager now routinely records its state/condition into a server property (FEATURE)
  • sqlUpdateAction now support label subsitution for the primaryKeys parameter (FEATURE)
  • Implemented sendMessageAction for sending a workflow message from one process to another process (FEATURE).
  • Process hierarchy implemented (FEATURE)
  • Workflow messages which are tar archives many be unpacked by queueAction (FEATURE)
  • XLS formats now implement startRow correctly (BUGFIX)
  • Overhaul of Lock management (PERFORMANCE)
  • Priority of a process may now be set at creation via URL parameter (FEATURE).
  • Database connections are automatically initialized to the UTC time zone.
  • simpleFilterAction can be applied to multiple fields (FEATURE)
  • Object links may now be created on an object when only insert privileges are held by the context on the sync target.
  • Syncronization of object link lists improved (PERFORMANCE).
  • A comparison to a NULL value in simpleFilterAction is now automatically False.
  • zOGI support of objectLink update/creation via putObject implemented (FEATURE).
  • The Omphalos Team attribute isTeamJob has been dropped, rarely used, expensive to calculate (PERFORMANCE).
  • Type manager no longer tries to discover the type of an objectId zero reference (PERFORMANCE)
  • Echoing and detail logging of ORM operations can be controlled via the COILS_ORM_LOGGING environment variable (ADMINSTRATION)
  • simpleFilterAction now only compiles a regular expression once per action rather than once per row (PERFORMANCE)
  • strings written via SimpleFixedRecordFormat are no left justified by default (BUGFIX)
  • StandardXML will not correctly deseriaize to float type an "ifloat" value.
  • Authentication Token expiration implemented
  • The PropertyAliases.yaml configuration document is no automatically provision in Project 7,000.
  • The label/input message name of a process may not be set via a URL parameter when a process is created via a GET request (FEATURE).
  • The "filename" of a Process' input message is not persisted as an object property on the Process (ENHANCMENT).
  • When multiple attachments with the same name exist on an entity Logic now always returns the most recent attachment.
  • Multiple context ids can be provided to grantAction's contextId parameter specified as a CSV value (FEATURE).
  • Elimination of noload() directive from the ORM hinting (BUGFIX).
  • Process may now be search for using a qsearch criteria array (implemented "process::search")
  • Significant improvements to the ORM query generated by SearchCommand base class.
  • New OIE action dixielandTrainStatus (FEATURE).
  • New OIE action chownAction for chaning the ownership of a process (FEATURE).
  • OIE sshPutFileAction can now change the mode (permissions) of the target file after writing (FEATURE).
  • New OIE action ftpDeleteFileAction for deleting files from an FTP server (FEATURE).
  • New OIE action deleteMessageAction for deleting a message from the process (FEATURE).
  • New OIE action xmlToXlsAction for writing an XML document to XLS (FEATURE).
  • Action paramters can now be passed to the XSLT transform of transformAction as template variables (FEATURE).
  • Administrators can now load the server defaults of any user via "account::get-defaults" command.
  • MIMEtype of result can now be specified for OIE's translateAction (FEATURE).
  • Implemented YAMLLookupTable (FEATURE).
  • Write/Output support implemented for SimpleDelimitedFieldFormat (FEATURE).
  • Implemented "table::get" Logic command which wraps underling Table.Load funcationality.
  • project::get-path ensures path lookups are relative to the root folder of the project.
  • Jobs may now be searched by status; this was a keymap bugfix.
  • OIE sqlInsertAction persists the inserted record count as a process property.
  • Workflow format testing implemented in AttachFS (FEATURE)
  • Provide standard method for Format classes to report number of records processed.
  • Workflow formats can be listed via AttachFS (FEATURE).
  • switchAction supports label substition in case expressions (FEATURE).
  • queueAction can set XATTR values on created processes (FEATURE).
  • Implemented attachToMessageAction which copies an Attachment into a Message (FEATURE).
  • Allow attachments to be stored and retrieved from RouteGroup entities (FEATURE).
  • Implement messageToAttachmentAction which stores the contents of a Message as an Attachment (FEATURE).
  • Implement and tested Attachment expiration in Logic (FEATURE).
  • process::search now supports searching for processes by route name
  • Support for named attachments in AttachFS (FEATURE).
  • Obsolete Twitter Omphalos content plugin has been disabled.
  • Implemented Process Tasks, and implemented setProcessTaskAction (FEATURE).
  • ORM hints implemented in "contact::search" and "enterprise::search" (PERFORMANCE)
  • use the process sequence names in a consistently case-insensitive manner (BUGFIX)
  • work arounds implemented regarding handling of empty ZIP files, Pythion zipfile module has bugs (BUGFIX)

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