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Getting A Route's Markup Via AttachFS

AttachFS provides a simple method to retrieve the representation or contents of an entity via a GET request for the object's identifier [even improper entities such as messages and attachments can be retrieved this way]. For simple clients this is often a more straight forward approach than WebDAV.

As of 0.1.49rc70 you can now retrieve the BPML markup of an OIE workflow by requesting the route's object id from AttachFS.

$ curl -vvv -u ogo:fred123
> GET /attachfs/view/161560 HTTP/1.1

< Content-Length: 4228
< Content-Type: text/xml
< Set-Cookie: OGOCOILSESSIONID=20822efa-c714-40bb-bd17-283b6466e049-4cb5a34a-74cd-4c3e-9d1b-9f92382b2820-52d38676-c9ec-41f7-968d-add83df842ad;; expires=Mon, 16-Dec-2013 23:34:21 UTC; Path=/
< X-OpenGroupware-Filename: V388TmpxrefrLoad.bpml
< etag: 161560:1
< Connection: close
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Example 1: response when requesting the object id 161,560 using AttachFS. This is a route so the markup is returned. Note the inclusion of the X-OpenGroupware-Filename as well as the etag.

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